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Шаблон:HeadingA Aiden is an Entity that has been linked to Jodie Holmes since birth. They are connected by an ethereal cord, that can be seen when switching to Aiden's view. This tether acts as a spiritual link between Jodie and Aiden that keeps Aiden bound to Jodie. Though he can go farther away from Jodie in some situations, the separation causes Jodie excessive amounts of pain and lasting disorientation. Throughout the game, Aiden shows that he is capable of human emotion through his interactions with Jodie and his own frustration at the restraining tether. Read more...


Jodie Holmes: The main character, Jodie is endowed with supernatural abilities due to her unknown link with Aiden. Performance captured by Ellen Page.
Aiden: A supernatural entity that has been linked to Jodie all her life, Aiden can possess certain people and interact with our physical world.
Nathan Dawkins: A government scientist and surrogate father figure for Jodie. Performance captured by Willem Dafoe.
Cole Freeman: Another government researcher and a surrogate father figure for Jodie, works with Nathan. Performance captured by Kadeem Hardison.
Ryan Clayton: An assumed government agent and ally of Jodie's. Performance captured by Eric Winter.


Beyond: Two Souls is centered around questions about what happens after death. The player takes Jodie Holmes through 15 years of her life (ages 8-23) on a journey to discover the true nature of Aiden, a disembodied entity and her constant companion throughout the story.

See list of chapters.

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