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Arthur is a recurring character in Beyond. He is portrayed by Alex Diakun.


Arthur is Celeste's father and Willa's grandfather. His theories led to building the first machine used to artificially enter the realm with his son-in-law as his assistant. Celeste tragically had complications after the birth of her daughter and went into a coma. Arthur and Isaac Frost both wanted Celeste to wake up, but Frost was impatient and tried experimental techniques to speed up the proces. Celeste woke up briefly, but then passed away a few minutes later. During her brief awakening she told her husband and her father about the beautiful world she’d seen with a bright light and a bridge that led to the afterlife. She told her husband she’d be waiting for him on the bridge. Frost blamed his daughter for putting his wife in a coma and didn’t want anything to do with her. Frost became obsessed with finding the right coma survivor to help him cross the bridge and see his wife again but Arthur thought the world of the living and the dead needed to remain separate. Isaac Frost and Arthur became enemies when Frost’s methods became more and more immoral.

Throughout the Series[]

Arthur went on to raise Willa and split his time living in both the realm and the real world. He met and trained Holden Matthews for entire twelve years he was in the realm. Even after Holden destroyed the bridge he became obsessed with fixing the machine. Despite Willa trying to convince him from doing so.


  • He taught Willa how to speak Polish.

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