Beyond Wikia

The Beyond Wiki has an important style guide to follow when editing.


  • If the title of the episode is unconfirmed, please create the page as "seasonNumberNumber". An example page title for the first season second episode is 102. We do not allow titles under the name of, for example "1x02". It must be "102" or, say, for second season tenth episode, it would be "210".
  • Do not create an episode page without using the Episode infobox.
  • Please list all "Spoilers" and "Notes" with a reliable source.

How to Cite Sources:

<ref> Google</ref>
<ref> How Teenagers Sleep</ref>


  • Do not create a character page without an image or infobox. Any character pages without an image or character infobox will be deleted.
  • Please add at least two sentences about the character's "background" before creating the article, and it has to be accurate and non-repetitive.

General Style:

  • Please always be 100% sure your edit contains ZERO grammar or spelling mistakes - or your edit might get reverted.