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Holden Matthews (b. February 17th, 1992) is the main character of the Freeform drama series Beyond. He is portrayed by Burkley Duffield.


When Holden was thirteen he crashed his bike running from his friend's brother Jeff hitting his head and falling into a coma. He wakes up twelve years later but has no idea that he was ever in a coma until he is told by his parents. Despite the coma he tries to return to a normal life but strange occurrences happen. When he is getting a CT Scan done he falls asleep and has a dream destroying the room. When Luke and Holden go to get Holden some new clothes they see a girl Holden's age. When Holden approaches her she writes on his arm your in danger trust no one before leaving. After Holden and Kevin were attacked outside of a bar by men looking for proof that Holden had special abilities he was rescued by the girl who Holden met in the store, Willa from her he found out while in his coma they lived a life together. With Willa's help Holden was able to remember what happened during his coma and his twelve years in the realm. Holden was trained by Willa's grandfather Arthur in the realm and because of being in the realm for so long and being trained his powers are incredibly strong. To the point where Holden fears using them as he is afraid he will lose control and people will get hurt.

Powers and Abilities

Current Powers
  • Elemental Manipulation: Willa and Arthur stated that Holden could control elements.
    • Pyrokinesis: Holden set the computers on fire during his brain scan and melted the bobbleheads in his room while he was asleep. He started a massive fire while he was at the house party.
    • Electrokinesis: He caused the DJ's system to stop working during the house party. He set off Jack Churchill's car alarm. He caused a power outage of an entire restaurant.
  • Telekinesis: This ability works best when Holden is angry. Holden can cause objects to float. He stopped a bullet in mid-air.
    • Advanced Telekinesis: He can toss two grown men with little effort. He caused a whole house to shake during the house party. He was able to lift a van off the ground and toss it. He caused multiple cars to be set off.
    • Deflection: He deflected a tranquilizer bullet from hitting him and a bullet from hitting Phil.
  • Gravitokinesis: Holden can also manipulate gravity around him. He threw three men into the air by putting his fist to the ground.
  • Cyberkinesis: Holden caused the computer to crash during his brain scan.
  • Superhuman Strength: Holden cracked the ground after punching it. He beat up Yellow Jacket with little effort and caused a huge dent in the ground. He was able to break the bridge in the Realm from the other side.
  • Astral Projection: Willa states that his body was laid in the hospital bed while his self-conscious was not.
  • Premonition: He has a vision of Willa dying.
Possible Powers
  • Teleportation: He escaped Yellow Jacket's house quickly
  • Resurrection: Frost believes Holden can bring back the dead.
  • Connection to The Realm: Arthur stated that Holden has a strong connection to The Realm than anyone else.


Holden is emotionally distraught but also trying to live a normal life, he's very caring about the people he loves, his family and his friends. He is a huge science geek. He is also very awkward. He is at times a bit temperamental which could be seen as a side effect of him trying to remember the past 12 years. He also seems to be emotionally attached to Willa. He often feels like an outcast especially in his family because of his coma and his abilities he gained in the realm.

Physical Appearance

Holden has a muscular build from exercising. He is brown haired with hazel eyes. A male who is 5'10 in height.


Willa Frost

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