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Jeffrey “Jeff” McArdle is a main character of the Freeform drama series Beyond. He is portrayed by Jeff Pierre.


Jeff had a criminal history as a teenager and mistreated his brother Kevin as well as his brother's friend, Holden. During one incident, Jeff ran Holden off the road and forced him to drive into the forest, where Holden had a motorbike accident and went into a coma, entering the Realm. The guilt from this caused Jeff to reshape his life, joining the army, and taking to church with his belief in "fate and the universe". When Holden woke up from the coma, Jeff came back to Fort Reed, believing that Holden waking up was a sign from the universe. 

Jeff's brother was then killed by Yellow Jacket after witnessing Holden's powers, and when he went missing, Jeff came to Holden for help to search for him and investigate the Yellow Jacket. They found him dead, but after this experience, Jeff and Holden became very close friends. Together, they came across information on Yellow Jacket, as well as Tess Shoemacher, Issac Frost and Hollow Sky


Jeff is tough on the outside, but is very caring and very compassionate on the inside. He cares for a lot for his family and his friends, including protecting Holden, and wants revenge for what happened to his brother.

Physical Appearance[]

He has a scar on his right cheek.



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