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Luke is Holden's younger brother and a main character in Beyond. He is portrayed by Jonathan Whitesell.


Luke grew up in the shadow of his brother's tragedy and is now faced with a brother who knows less about the world than he does.

He was very close to his brother before his disappearance but is sometimes challenged by the fact that everyone's attention is on his older brother after he woke from his coma. Still, like the rest of the Matthews family, he is very worried about his brother and losing him again.

He at times wants to blame Holden for the problems he faced with their parents growing up while Holden was unconscious but knows Holden isn't to blame.

Throughout the Series[]

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He is chill and calm but of a bad boy . He does Not intend to hurt people with his words but he is honest. He teaches Holden how to handle his surroundings, his social life and adapting to the new world he woke up in.

He is a college student when Holden wakes up and lives near the college, away from the family. He is very thoughtful and smart but as a student he also seems very carefree and not too serious.

In Season he complains about his parents always worrying and calling emergencies about Holden . His girlfriend then tells him that while Luke is complaining, he himself talks about his brother all the time. At the end of the episode Holden waits for his brother in his dorm room, with a bloody hand from punching Yellow Jacket.

In Season 1 episode 5 Holden stays with Luke and they have some bonding time over washing clothes and Luke teaching Holden about student life. Later on, Holden attends a college lecture with Luke and after Holden asks Jamie out again, they have a double date together. 

In season 1 episode 9 he goes with Willa and Jeff to Hollow Sky to rescue Holden.

In season 2 Luke's relationship becomes more strained with his brother they argue when Holden refuses to use his powers to scare off a drug dealer to help out Luke's ex girlfriend Riley.

Physical Appearance

Luke has dark brown hair and brown eyes.


Season 1 (10/10)[]

Season 2 (10/11)[]


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