Beyond Wikia

Buenos Aires, Argentina: An IV drip is shown, a young man in a hospital bed opens his eyes, removes his intubation and coughs. Alarms on his medical machines go off as he falls out of bed. He crawls to the sink, turns on the water and drinks. He looks in the mirror and sees a skull face staring back. He proceeds to smash the mirror with his fist until he is restrained.

In a bathroom, Holden washes in the sink and changes into work clothes. Steven gives him crap for being late and for his privileged existence since his dad is the boss. Luke is shown working at the coffee shop. The manager asks him if he wants to be the Assistant Manager, which Luke is interested in. He is asked to close for the evening. He serves coffee to Riley, someone from school. She wants to talk, but Luke seems hesitant.

Holden is scolded by his father for being late since it reflects badly on him as the boss. Holden is asked to enter information into the system regarding one of their longest-term clients and says that Holden was moved up because they agreed he could handle it.

Diego is welcomed home in a wheelchair. The dog, Manso growls and barks at Diego. Diego stares at the dog until he whimpers.